Mess Goblins

Have you ever wondered how your room got so messy? In the aftermath of a party have you ever questioned the level of destruction "Did we really trash the house? I don't remember throwing a pizza on the ceiling, and why are there cigarette burns on my couch when nobody I know smokes?" It's almost as if somehow, overnight, mess and disorder have multiplied without your consent. What if we told you that you and your friends are not responsible for the profanities scrawled in lipstick on your mirror bathroom mirror? What if we told you that, in the wee hours of the morning when you are passed out in a dreamless drunken stupor, little beings we like to call Mess Goblins come out and dirty your home. That's right my friends, you have a Mess Goblin problem. Join the Mess Goblins in their award winning* adventure with Dropped Monocle Games. As plucky protagonist Pippup Binbasher, it's your job to mess with Harry Flemming, a teenager who thought he could get away with hosting a house party while his parents are out of town. Cause chaos, confusion, and disarray in the aftermath of the festivities. Let your inner Mess Goblin out and give Harry a hangover he'll never forget!

MAGS January 2015 - Winner

*Mess Goblins was the winner of MAGS January 2015, a monthly game jam.


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